Selasa, 16 Juni 2015

Cool Nail Art for Short Nails

For women it is very important to take care of the hands, so the nails should be part of that care is why we bring you choices of designs for short nails that will enhance your hands. If you are a fan of this trend, it is a good option and one of the designs for Cool Nail Art for Short Nails that does not take away much time. Only two glazes, one black and one white gloss or matte if desired are needed. First, put the base and allowed to dry, with black enamel figure mustache is created and finish with another layer of gloss.
Cool Nail Art for Short Nails
This way you can give a different hand so this is one of the designs for short nails is a perfect touch. You can also paint each nail a different color to the range of a color (blue, pink, red, etc).
This is of designs for Cool Nail Art for Short Nails is easy and quick to do. Only two colors (one stronger than the other and put the strongest basis for the points with the brightest and contrast are needed. Another way is to put a white or black base and start putting dots of various colors.
With stripes, we can create many designs for short nails because you can put in horizontal, vertical, thick, thin, color, bicolor or as the picture shows way. Therefore, it is an ideal way to use your imagination and create your own designs form. The acrylic was used for professional decorations but it is feasible to do this at home. You should only buy the acrylic, the liquid to dilute and create our own designs as Hello Kitty bow.

This is the latest designs for Cool Nail Art for Short Nails looks very cute. Perhaps it is somewhat laborious but the result is worth it. Is to put on each nail a different color for the base and each decorate a taste of each. Dare and give a very nice touch to your nails, you see, these designs are not as complicated and anyone with a little pulse can make them.